• Encourage a Nurse Today!

    Share these inspirational quotes for nurses to boost your mood...

  • Someone is Watching

    Have you ever considered what your actions look like to someone else?
    This is an interesting read, written by Carl Garner that gives one cause to pause.
    Consider today who might you influence with your actions...
    "Our example today could be the very example that someone follows tomorrow. We must remember who and what we are, and whose we are." 
  • The Ukrainian Church What Is God Teaching Us?

     God Rules

                God continues to bring HIS people into HIS presence even during this invasion, “But even amid this conflict, we’re hearing stories of people who’ve been prayed for over the years now coming to faith and making huge steps forward. In a word, what the Enemy has intended for evil, God is using for good.6

  • A Shepherd and His Sheep

    "My sheep listen to My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.  John 10:27
  • The Bridge We Were Meant To Cross

    A short read we can all learn from. We should never be too busy to look for opportunities to serve other! There are no mistakes in life. There is always an opportunity hidden in adversity if we have an open heart to notice it. 

    The Bridge We Were Meant To donothing, posted Jan 12, 2022