A Shepherd and His Sheep

"My sheep listen to My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.  John 10:27 NASB

Dr. Gary Burge tells the story about a ten-year-old shepherd whose family only had twelve sheep. As part of a military action, their sheep had been gathered in a pen with other sheep. His mother begged the soldiers to let her have her sheep, but this seemed impossible. How could she identify her twelve among so many?

Then her son began playing a simple tune on his flute. As soon as the boy started to walk away, their twelve sheep followed him. As Dr. Burge concludes, “This boy was a good shepherd. He knew his sheep, and his sheep knew him.”

This story demonstrates the connection between shepherds and their sheep. This is the connection Jesus specified for His followers. He described Himself as “the good shepherd” (v. 11). He’s so concerned about His sheep that He would give up His life for them.

He knows His sheep, and they know Him. He is their “door,” providing the way to safety. All around are “thieves and robbers” who come “to steal and kill and destroy.” But Jesus came to give abundant life! (vs. 8-10)

This is the kind of relationship Jesus wants with each of us. We can choose to go our own direction. Or we can surrender to the Good Shepherd.


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